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Welcome to the House of the Lord, Amazing Grace is a church committed to sharing, teaching and communicating the gospel through love and compassion and developing quality relationships that is without walls, as we provide people with opportunities to respond to the gospel of grace, miracles and deliverance. To all who are spiritually weary and seek rest; to all who sin and need a savior; to all who are strangers and yearn for fellowship; to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness; to all who struggle and desire hope; to all who desire a miracle; to all who want to overcome; and to whosoever will, AMAZING GRACE opens wide her doors in Jesus' Name. Dr. Bright Osigwe, his beloved wife Amaka and Amazing Grace family welcome you to this website. The door is open, come on in and be blessed in Jesus' Name.


Amazing Grace Assembly Of God is being pastored by Dr. Bright Osigwe, and it is an affilitate of the Assemblies of God Fellowship, USA. So join us as we share this Divine love from God, in the spirit of service to the community at large.


*Thank You All For Your Prayers & Support*

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This is Pastor Bright Osigwe blessing you with the words of the day. Set goals in your life because goals are one of the strongest motivational tools in life. I pray that you will focus on self-development instead of self-fulfillment. No man can ever lose by honestly searching his own heart. When Christ died on the cross, our hopes began; when He rose they were confirmed. Nothing can be more certain than that which is declared by God Himself. We must not measure God by the rule of our feelings. If God is not leading your life then somebody else is. I pray that you realize that there is no progress without pain knowing that the best never rest.

Dr. Bright Osigwe (for this generation)

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