The Amazing Grace Assembly Of God is an International Ethnic Multicultural Church of the Assemblies of God USA, commited to loving God and loving people. We are located in the Dallas/ForthWorth Metroplex in Texas, and our senior pastor is Reverend Bright Osigwe.

We are a group of ordinary people - just like you. We struggle with the cost of living - just like you. We are seeking to find meaning to life - just like you. We are an international multicultural ethnic church that mends the broken hearted with the power of God's Holy Spirit and the loving compassion of the Body of Christ while leading and making them fully-functioning disciples of Jesus Christ. We are a passionate group of believers who are proclaiming the message of Christ to the spiritually lost in the entire world.

This church is unique because God has placed the world in our hearts. He has given us a responsive, dangerous, and opportune moment in history. {Gen.1:26-30.) He is loving us to love a lost world. He desires to bless us and use us. He uses us as we keep the whole world in view. Amazing Grace exist with the aim to embrace global missions as we are challenged to run risks never run before. The course ahead is un-charted and what hangs in the balance is the salvation of multitudes of people. Hence we embark on global evangelism. This church's desire is to be a unique Intercultural Church planting and Multiplication Center for training potential church planters. It will train interns interested in planting bi-lingual churches serving the 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants across the USA. It is our vision to be a church where every member is an evangelist, reaching out to people in the market-place, seeking to lead them to Christ. We will give more emphasis to world-wide missions, community evangelistic outreaches, and personal evangelism with an end result to lead people to Christ and plant new churches. We will look for opportunities to network with other evangelical churches in community-wide evangelistic efforts. Encouraging our members to go with short and long term ministry teams to other countries will be primary focus of our vision. We desire to be open and alert to new and innovative ways to communicate the Gospel to our generation.

Our Story

Ten years ago, the Lord moved Bright and his wife Amaka from New York to Mesquite, Texas with a mandate to help guide people to the following:

  • a personal commitment to following Jesus Christ
  • a genuine commitment to loving people
  • a serious commitment to living by the Bible
  • an active commitment to telling the world about Jesus

Through the anointing of God upon them, by the power of God, they preach relief for stress, assurance for worry, hope for trials, comfort for sorrow, healing for sickness, and strength for temptation, peace for fear, grace for suffering and forgiveness for sins. "Give them the broken hearted and they will bind his wounds in Jesus Name, the deaf, lame, blind and they will administer healing in Jesus Name, the captives, slaves to alcohol, drugs, worry, fear, depression and frustration and they will set them free in Jesus Name, give them the man overtaken in a fault and they will restore him in Jesus Name."( Gal. 6:1-2.)

Amazing Grace Purpose

This ministry exists to:

  • Bring people to a life-changing encounter with the power of Jesus Christ
  • Embracing them with essential Christian relationships
  • Encouraging them to Biblical maturity, and
  • Equipping them for their ministry, in order to
  • Exalt God's name.

Weekly Services, Please take some time to view our weekly services, and we thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Our Beliefs
Our Leadership Team
Our Audio & Video Service
Join Our Prayer Line Every Tuesday From 10pm - 11pm by dailing : PH: (605) 475-6700 - Access Code: 4841517

Our Vision

With a firm conviction that the days before us will offer many opportunities for ministry and advancement of the Kingdom of God, both locally and world-wide, it is our resolve to develop, share, and implement a vision that will result in an increased harvest as in this 21st century. "To become an international ministry which reaches the 21st century man with the gospel through Church Planting, to provide discipleship which instructs people in the ways of God, and to encourage them to walk and move in the Holy Spirit, so that we as a church at large may come to the measure of the statue of the fullness of Christ."

Goal Statement

"To provide real life ministry, to real life people, in a real life world."
God loves every person and is committed to us discovering Him. Jesus is God's only son sent to bring us close to God. The Bible is God's flawless book, final arbiter that teaches how we live. Every person has a gift, talent, or ability that needs to be used for God.

Our Values

At Amazing Grace, we:

  • We value Jesus
  • We value His word as ultimate
  • We value all people
  • We value holiness/righteousness
  • We value creativity and innovation
  • We value relevance
  • We value excellence
  • We value small groups
  • We value spiritual growth
  • We value service

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