Our Ministries

Amazing Grace church has several ministries taylored to the spiritual needs of every member of your family. Whether you are a man, woman, youth, or child, we have a ministry designed to suit and nourish you spiritually.

Honor Bound

Honor Bound is the name of our Men's ministry. HonorBound: Men's Ministries is more than a name. It is a new way of looking at oneself as a godly man. As a result, it embodies the vision of where we are trying to go with all the men. The major philosophy is to challenge men to think about who they are in Christ when they think of the name HonorBound. At the very core of being HonorBound is the idea of honor in every sense of the word. If a man can look at himself in the mirror and see himself as someone different, someone dressed in the full armor of God, fully ready to take on life as a man of honor, then we will have accomplished the vision of HonorBound. HonorBound signifies that we are men with potential for service in the Kingdom, and that we are linked to the promise of the Holy Spirit as we see Him empowering the lives of disciples in the Early Church. The ultimate goal is to challenge men to become godly husbands, godly fathers, godly supporters of their pastors, and full-fledged servants of the Lord Jesus.

Youth Ministry: Devoted 24/7

Our youth ministry at Amazing Grace (Devoted 24/7 ), focuses on teaching the youths to know Jesus as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and coming King. This message is communicated in a fun, exciting way that brings Jesus Christ to life and make the daily lives of our youths intriguing as they get to know Him. The mission God has given every believer is revealed to our youths in a fun loving, free, ransparent and genuine atmosphere. FUN! FUN!!FUN!!! is all there is. We are committed to helping our youths become more like Jesus. Let's have fun. Devoted 24/7. Let's go!

The AMAZING WOMEN as they are popularly known have been called to minister to every woman with the compassionate message of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ through prayer, indepth study of God's word and creating a trusting relationship with one another in word and deed. Their ministry is rooted on the word of God in Proverbs 31: 10-31. Their desire is to see women living a vituous, capable, noble and trusting life. At AMAZING WOMEN, opportunities are giving to every women to exescise their ministry through outreach, and various levels of ministry to live an amazing life.

Children's Ministry : Ignited

Ignited is a children ministry of Amazing Grace. With Ignited , we have developed an excellent way to educate, teach and train the children to begin early to live a life of Christ, to get involved in the Great Commission early, and to grow with a lifestyle of obedience and truthfullness. We teach them to live and grow in a godly manner that sets them apart through transformative lifestyle that pleases their parents and most importantly, inculcate transparency in every aspect of their life. We use prayer, scriptures and preaching to teach them how to set a good example in todays challenging world. We have created a safe environment and fun atmosphere of happiness through interactive worship for all kids. Bring your cild/children and check us out. We are sure you will love the experience.

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